2022-23 Manoogian Fellowships in Armenian Studies

The University of Michigan’s Center for Armenian Studies (CAS) is pleased to announce the 2022-23 competition for the postdoctoral and visiting scholar fellowships at the University of Michigan to foster teaching and research in Armenian Studies. 

The Center for Armenian Studies serves students, faculty, and the broader community by furthering the understanding of the history and culture of Armenian societies worldwide through pioneering research, innovative instruction, and a commitment to building partnerships on campus and beyond. Through its work in the United States and abroad, CAS strives to contribute to the scholarly analysis and understanding of the challenges the Armenian people have faced across the globe. CAS intellectual mission is to engage in critical Armenian Studies as an interdisciplinary endeavor and to contribute to broader thematic and topical discussions including but not exclusive to history, memory and politics, literary and cultural studies, gender and sexuality studies, childhood studies, human rights, genocide studies, diaspora studies, Mediterranean studies, materiality, nation, and nationalism.  

A successful applicant’s work should speak to the global, interdisciplinary, and multidimensional vision of CAS and contribute to broader thematic and topical discussions that are at the heart of the center’s intellectual mission.

Please find more detailed information for each fellowship on CAS website: https://ii.umich.edu/armenian/manoogian-fellowships.html

  • Manoogian Postdoctoral Fellowship in Armenian Studies
  • Manoogian Postdoctoral Fellowship in Armenian History
  • Manoogian Visiting Scholar Fellowship in Armenian Studies   

All applications must be received by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on January 15, 2022.

To join for a virtual workshop on how to prepare your application is available here. Registration is required. Please register by October 20, 2021.