The American Research Institute of the South Caucasus (ARISC), an independent not-for-profit organization, supports research in and about the three countries of the South Caucasus — Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.  Current activities are featured on the blog roll below and resources for the study of these countries and grant opportunities to work there are linked above.

*** For information about the ARISC funding opportunities see http://arisc.org/?page_id=70 ***

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ARISC is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization incorporated in the state of Illinois and has been accorded tax-exempt status by the United States Internal Revenue Service.Our Branches:ARISC Georgia Branch, located at 3/5 Chavchavadze Ave., Ilia State University E Campus, Room E236, offers its services to US visiting scholars while researching or just traveling to the region, provides access to online facilities as well as scientific and cultural activities. For additional information, please visit: http://arisc.org/?page_id=108

The ARISC Armenia Branch serves as a hub where visiting scholars to Armenia can meet, seek logistical support, have access to a computer with internet and printing facility. For additional information, please visit: http://arisc.org/?page_id=110

ARISC in Azerbaijan offers support to US scholars interested in researching and visiting the country by providing information on lodging, transportation in Baku and regions, information for visa application, orientation for libraries and archives, etc., as well as organizing various activities. For additional information, please visit: http://arisc.org/?page_id=112