5th Armenian Genealogy Conference in Armenia

The 5th Armenian Genealogy Conference will be held in Armenia, September 23-25, 2022.  

Location: American University of Armenia (AUA), Yerevan

Since 2016, four conferences devoted to Armenian genealogy have been held in the United States. For the first time ever, the Armenian Genealogy Conference will be hosting its annual assembly in Armenia.

The Conference is cosponsored by the Hamazkayin Cultural Association and the American University of Armenia (AUA) during the weekend of September 23 to 25.

Building on the foundation set by previous conferences, the program will consist of sessions devoted to the genealogy of Armenians from different regions. The resources available to Armenians tend to be very geographic specific and thus, experts are generally regionally focused. The sessions will be informative as well as pragmatic, providing practical tools for all genealogists regardless of their level of experience.  The working languages of the Conference will be Armenian, English, and Russian. Simultaneous interpretation will be available.

Conference presenters include Dr. Haroutune Armenian, Dr. Sonya Mirzoyan, Dr. Rafael Abrahamyan, Dr. Hayk Hakobyan, and George Aghjayan. 

Registration for the 5th Armenian Genealogy Conference is open and available to the public on the Conference website.