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Elizabeth Fagan

I’m an archaeologist and historian working as an assistant director at the Chicago Center for Teaching. My work examines the strategies of legitimation used by Roman and Armenian leaders in the Hellenistic and Roman periods to create and perpetuate their authority in the context of the shifting sociopolitical relations in the eastern Mediterranean. The research interrogates the processes of legitimation by investigating the rulers’ textual and material narratives on coins and inscriptions, and also their spatial practices and dialectical interaction with the landscape.

Every year, the American Schools for Oriental Research organization hosts a “Black Sea and Caucasus” session, and Ryan Hughes and I are always looking for papers on archaeology in the South Caucasus. The call for papers for the 2017 meeting will open in January.

I have taught extensively in the College at the University of Chicago, and I blog about pedagogy and research at You can also follow me on Twitter @egafagan, and I’m on at