“More than nine years ago, on January 21, 2006, to be exact, 20 people met at the University of Chicago to organize ARISC. Among the group were individuals who had developed other American Overseas Research Centers, together with Mary-Ellen Lane, then the Executive Director of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC). Through the volunteer efforts of many of those who met then, most especially Gerard Libaridian (University of Michigan), Sanjyot Mehendale (UC Berkeley), and Adam Smith (then Chicago, now Cornell University), the legal steps necessary to go from an idea to an institution were completed: incorporation 2006, not-for-profit status 2007, information status CAORC 2011. A grant from the Leon Levy foundation in 2010 underwrote a planning meeting which lay the foundation for many of ARISC’s on-going activities, foremost the innovative Junior Research Fellowship that requires an active mentoring component to foster on-going U.S.-South Caucasus scholarly relationships. The program is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, awarded in 2012, that also has supported the opening of ARISC offices in Georgia and Armenia. As one of the 20 who attended the organizational meeting, where we began with nothing but an idea and enthusiasm, I am pleased to see how much ARISC has already accomplished in its mission to support American scholars studying in and about the South Caucasus, bringing knowledge of the South Caucasus to a broader American audience, and building cross-board scholarly connections.”

Karen Rubinson, ARISC Founding Member

How to become a member

  1. Determine the level of membership.
  2. Complete the appropriate form (online or digital) and email to info “at” or mail to the address below.  Institutional Members will need to submit a hard copy of their membership form.

    American Research Institute of the South Caucasus
    c/o Ian Lindsay
    Dept. of Anthropology
    Purdue University
    700 Mitch Daniels Blvd., Suite 219
    West Lafayette, IN 47907

  3. Submit annual membership fee (online or check).

Please note the membership year begins October 1 and ends September 30 regardless of when an individual or institution has joined during the calendar year.  Members may renew their membership until January 1 of each year.

Benefits of Membership

Membership in ARISC has several benefits.

  • Members may be eligible to apply for the ARISC Graduate/Postdoctoral Fellowship competition.
  • ARISC also works to publicize members’ scholarly events that are pertinent to the South Caucasus, and offers modest funds for co-sponsoring events.
  • Members have the opportunity shape ARISC programs, activities, and offerings in the South Caucasus, if they choose to serve on a variety of advisory bodies.
  • Access to a discussion group gives members immediate news on the latest scholarly developments and opportunities in the region.
  • An annual newsletter and member directory are invaluable resources for following ARISC’s work and networking with a wider community of scholars.

Membership Levels

Individual Membership

Anyone may become an Individual Member of ARISC, upon application and acceptance by ARISC. Annual individual membership dues are $40.  Two years’ annual individual membership dues are $75.

Student Membership

Any undergraduate or graduate student currently seeking a degree at an accredited university may be admitted as a Student Member of the Corporation, upon application and acceptance thereof by ARISC.  Annual student membership dues are $10.

Institutional Membership

Any generally recognized academic or educational institution in the United States or Canada, or any association of such institutions, may become an Institutional Member, upon application to ARISC and election by a majority of Directors. Annual institutional membership dues are $500.

Corporate Partnership

Any public or private corporation that is not entitled to Institutional Membership may participate in ARISC as a Corporate Partner. Corporate Partners may be recognized at the discretion of the Directors upon submission of an application. Interested corporations should send inquiries to info “at” arisc. org.

More Membership

Institutional Members
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A listing of our members’ academic websites. Members’ Personal Websites Daniel Adler Lori Khatchadourian Ian
Membership Forms
Please note the membership year begins October 1 and ends September 30 regardless of when
Membership Payment Options
Option A Please make check out to The American Research Institute of the South Caucasus or ARISC and send