Archaeological Landscapes and Communities in Vayots Dzor, Armenia

Speaker: Dr. Tekla Schmaus, Assistant Professor, Honors College, Washington State University, ARISC Fellow

Date & Time: Tuesday, November 7, 2023, at 7pm Yerevan time, (10am US EST)

Language: English

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Dr. Tekla Schmaus spent summer 2023 in Vayots Dzor province, learning about the archaeological landscape, with a focus on the Early Iron Age. She hopes that this project can be the foundation of a long-term project that will investigate community organization in Early Iron Age Armenia. In this talk, she will discuss her work this summer, and how it links to larger questions in Eurasian archaeology. Research on the Iron Age in other parts of Eurasia has recently focused on large-scale processes at the expense of understanding how society and culture are negotiated and created at the local, community scale. Her new project in Armenia can begin to refine that large-scale narrative, and highlight the importance of thinking about ancient people’s daily lives.

Dr. Tekla Schmaus is an Assistant Professor in the Honors College at Washington State University, and a research associate at the University of Pittsburgh. She has been conducting archaeological fieldwork in Central Asia since 2007, and has recently switched her focus to the Caucasus. She specializes in ancient pastoralist societies and their mobility patterns. She also has technical expertise in zooarchaeology.

Funding for this lecture is provided by the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) through a grant to the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC). This event is sponsored by the American Research Institute of the South Caucasus (ARISC). The lectures are free and open to the public. Learn more at

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