Award: Routledge Area Studies Awards

Deadline: 10 July 2023

The 2023 Routledge Area Studies Impact and Interdisciplinary Awards are open for submissions until 10th July. Apply with your accepted or published research project to win one of our £2,500 prizes.

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The Routledge Area Studies Awards in Impact and Interdisciplinarity, worth £5,000 (two awards of £2,500 each), are presented annually for original research which showcases the unique strengths of Area Studies, its special applicability in real-world contexts, and position at the interface of multiple disciplines. They celebrate research which makes a significant contribution to our understanding of ‘areas’ of our world and the lives lived therein. 

The awards are conferred by an expert panel of Area Studies scholars, in partnership with Routledge, the world’s leading academic publisher in Area Studies, and the Humanities and Social Sciences broadly.  Routledge publishes thousands of books and journals each year, serving scholars, instructors, and professional communities worldwide.

Our vision is that the awards will support those working in Area Studies and foster collaboration between teams working on different projects, in different institutions, in different countries, and in different traditions, globally, as is befitting of the field. 

Criteria for Eligibility

> Submissions are welcome from all specialisms, backgrounds, and locations. We particularly welcome applications from scholars based in the Global South; applicants who have no permanent academic affiliation are also eligible. 

> For the purposes of these awards, Area Studies is defined as research rooted in the Humanities and Social Sciences and that is very attentive to specific national contexts, histories, languages and cultures.

> Routledge and the judging panel acknowledge that impact can be defined in different ways by different communities and individuals. For the purposes of the Impact Award, impact is defined as research that has tangibly contributed to, benefitted and influenced the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life, beyond academia. See last year’s Impact Award winning project for an example.  

> The research should be original. 

> At least one substantive original journal article presenting the research needs to have been published or accepted for publication.  

> If multiple journal articles have resulted from the research project, submit your strongest or most relevant article.

> The journal article presenting the research must have undergone a form of peer review appropriate to the research (single-anonymous, double-anonymous, open, etc.) 

> The peer-reviewed journal article presenting the research should have been published, or accepted for publication, in an academic journal no more than five years prior to submission for the award. 

> The research does not need to have been published in English; however, a translation of the submission will be required by the judging panel. 

> Applications for the Interdisciplinarity Award must showcase research that has a genuinely inter-, multi-, or trans-disciplinary approach.