Call for The Alexandros Petersen Scholarship at King’s College London

The Alexandros Petersen Scholarship is designed to provide the best and brightest students resident in Afghanistan, Central Asia, or the South Caucasus with the opportunity to continue onto a Masters programme in the Department of War Studies without the worry of financial constraint.

The programme will support rising stars whose work reflects Alexandros’s aims and ambitions and those who hope to become future practitioners on the ground, spanning the world of academia and policy. This programme will not only perpetuate Alexandros’s academic and personal memory but also encourage other young people – through his example – to continue the work that he was unable to finish.

One scholarship will be available per year. Each student will receive £42,000 through a tuition fee waiver and a monthly stipend. Scholarships are open to applicants resident in Afghanistan, Central Asia, or the South Caucasus, who wish to undertake a one year Masters programme in the Conflict, Security, and Development programme within the War Studies Department. To be eligible for the scheme, students will have to complete an application form which will include an overview of recent academic achievements, demonstrate their financial need, and include a personal statement.

Deadline for submission: December 18, 2019.

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