Caucasus University’s international conference on Tao-Klarjeti

Caucasus University announces call for participation in the international conference on Tao-Klarjeti

A historical and geographical term firmly established in contemporary academic literature, Tao-Klarjeti refers not only to Tao and Klarjeti themselves, but to a wider region comprising several historical Georgian provinces (including Shavsheti, Kola, Artaani, Erusheti, Chrdili, Speri, and others) located on the territory of present-day Turkey.  This region is referred to in Georgian sources as Upper Kartli or Meskheti, and its inhabitants as Meskhetians. In the Middle Ages,state formations that traced their existence back to the ancient period formed the “Kingdom of the Georgians”, a powerful national and ecclesiastical centre which played ahighly significant role in the history of Georgian statehood and culture.

Conference topics (in relation to the region):

  • Political and administrative history;
  • Christian and Islamic monuments;
  • fortifications and fortification systems;
  • written sources;
  • archaeological monuments and excavations;
  • manuscripts and historical documents;
  • examples of metalworking craftsmanship;
  • restoration projects;
  • the history of local studies;
  • ethno-religious processes;
  • ways of life and traditional customs;
  • folklore; languages and dialects;
  • the natural and geographical environment;
  • tourism and the management of cultural heritage

Working languages: Georgian, English, Turkish  
Submission deadline: 30 May, 2020

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