CCWH Catharine Prelinger Memorial Award

The CCWH will award $20,000 to a scholar, with a Ph.D. or A.B.D., who has not followed a traditional academic path of uninterrupted and completed secondary, undergraduate, and graduate degrees leading to a tenure-track faculty position. Although the recipient’s degrees do not have to be in history, the recipient’s work should clearly be historical in nature. In accordance with the general goals of CCWH, the award is intended to recognize or to enhance the ability of the recipient to contribute significantly to women in history, whether in the profession in the present or in the study of women in the past. It is not intended that there be any significant restrictions placed on how a given recipient shall spend the award as long as it advances the recipient’s scholarship goals and purposes. All recipients will be required to submit a final paper to CCWH on how the award was expended and summarizing the scholarly work completed.

Deadline –  September 15, 2013