CfP: IV International Symposium of Young Scholars in the Humanities

On November 26-28, 2020 Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Faculty of Humanities invites you to participate in the IV International Symposium of Young Scholars.


The Symposium is open to young researchers working in the Humanities and related fields. The aims of the Symposium are:

a) Scientific argumentation of the importance of the Humanities in both theoretical and practical contexts and highlighting the role of young scientists in this field;

b) Popularization and internationalization of the Kartvelological fields in the Humanities;

c) Promoting and encouraging interdisciplinary research in the Humanities;

d) Deepening and supporting communication between scientists of different generations;

e) Supporting young researchers in the Humanities to establish links with local and foreign scholars and share scientific achievements.

The main focus of the Fourth International Symposium for Young Scholars is the long history of Archeology at TSU and modern trends in the development of the field worldwide. Archeology is one of the most important fields at TSU. Even more, the increasing interest from overseas each year enables us to undertake international projects. With the active scientific engagement of TSU professors and students, modern methods in archeology are becoming more and more developed. The discoveries made by TSU using modern research and modern technologies have become very important for the international scientific community. Therefore, the specific purpose of this year’s Symposium is to research and present topical issues of archeology and share modern methods in light of the latest international experience in the field.

The Symposium will include sectoral and thematic, interdisciplinary sections, round table, and discussion forums, moreover, public lectures of plenary speakers will take place in different formal and informal formats.

The Symposium is open to young scholars with a master’s or doctorate degree.
The following directions will be presented on the Symposium:

History and Archeology
Ethnology / Anthropology
Language and Literature
Philosophy and Religion
Culture and Art
Interdisciplinary Studies
Venue: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Main Working Languages: Georgian, English;

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