Date: 28-30 November, 2024

Location: Matenadaran, the Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, Yerevan, Armenia

Deadline for abstract submissions: Prior to September 10th

2024 marks the 10th jubilee anniversary of the Matenadaran Annual Youth Conference. The conference demonstrated its efficacy and high standard. Considering its nature and significance as well as the pivotal role of the Mashtots Matenadaran in Armenian medieval studies, Matenadaran decided to broaden the focus of the conference. Starting from this year it will take place under the updated name of the “Matenadaran Conference on Medieval Studies”.

For its 10th edition, within the premises of the Mashtots Matenadaran, this international conference with a focus on medieval studies will welcome scholars from various scientific and educational institutions both in Armenia and beyond. It provides remarkable opportunity for researchers specializing in different areas of Armenian studies to present their ongoing or completed research and to develop joint research projects, among other activities.

The thematic guidelines of the conference are:

– Manuscript studies and history of scriptoria
– Source studies, historiography
– History of Armenian language
– History of Armenian literature
– Art history
– Oriental studies
– Theology, religious studies.

To apply for participation:

1. Prior to September 10th of the current year, the applicant should send to the conference organizing committee the abstract of the report spanning 350-400 words which includes the topic of the report, the full name of the applicant and the affiliated institution if any (independent researchers are also welcome). Abstracts should state the core concept of the report and outline the objectives of the study. The abstracts should be sent to

2. The applicants will be informed about the selection of the topics by October 15 of this year.

ATTENTION: Due to the high number of applications, priority will be given to topics focusing on medieval studies and those showcasing academic novelty.

Please visit the website for more information.