The South Caucasus Region: Crossroads of Societies & Polities. An Assessment of Research Perspectives in Post-Soviet Times

Saturday, April 13, 2019
1.00 – 4.15pm
17 Apache room

Chairs: Alvaro Higueras, David Berikashvili and Isabelle Coupal

1:00 Alvaro Higueras—Research and Heritage Management in the Southern Caucasus: Future Perspectives in Post-Soviet Scenarios

1:15 Ian Lindsay and Alan F. Greene—New Solutions to Old Challenges: Methods and Results from Project ArAGATS’ Kasakh Valley Archaeological Survey (KVAS) Project, Northwestern Armenia (2015-17)

1:30 Vakhtang Licheli—10th Century BC Novelties in the Central Part of Southern Caucasus

1:45 Nathaniel Erb-Satullo—Elite Stronghold or Communal Defense? Investigating a Late Bronze-Early Iron Age Cyclopean Fortress in Kvemo Kartli, Southern Georgia

2:00 Elizabeth Fagan—Everything Old Is New Again: Considerations for Re-examining the Previously Excavated Material of Hellenistic- and Roman-Period Armenia

2:15 Lauren Ristvet—Negotiating Empires: Village Dynamics in Naxcivan, Azerbaijan

2:30 David Berikashvili—Samshvilde and the Medieval Kingdoms of Kartli

2:45 Maureen Marshall—Building Bronze Age Populations of the South Caucasus: Preliminary Bioarchaeological Results from the Kasakh Valley Archaeological Survey

3:00 Aram Yardumian—Archaeology and Genetics in the South Caucasus

3:15 Isabelle Coupal—Modelling the Skeleton of Future Bioarchaeological Research in Georgia

3:30 Benjamin Irvine—Howdy Neighbour –Transgressing Borders and Peering over the Fence to Examine the Application of Isotopic Analyses to Bioarchaeology in Anatolia

4:00 Questions and Answers

Sponsored by IAC, University of Georgia (Tbilisi) and the American Research Institute of the South Caucasus (ARISC)