ARISC Grants and Fellowships

Note: Applicants may apply to more than one funding opportunity, if eligible. If awarded more than one fellowship, the awardee will be asked to select one.

ARISC Faculty Exchange Fellowship Program – Deadline for Stage One: April 12, 2024

ARISC Collaborative Heritage Management Fellowship in Azerbaijan, Georgia – open until funds expended

ARISC Conference Travel Grants – open until funds expended

ARISC Collaborative Heritage Management in Armenia Grant – Deadline: March 1, 2024

ARISC Small Grants – Deadline: closed

ARISC Junior Research Fellowship – Deadline: closed

ARISC Graduate/Postdoctoral Fellowships – closed

ARISC Research and Mentoring Fellowship – closed

ARISC Short Term Research Fellowship – closed

Honoraria for Lectures and Workshops in the South Caucasus – closed

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What Am I Eligible For? (The table below can be downloaded as a pdf)

ARISC Funding Opportunities Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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