International conference “The Source Study Value of the Coin”

Where: Yerevan, Armenia

Date: June 9-10, 2023

Deadline of registration and submission before May 10

Working languages: Armenian, English and Russian

On June 9-10, the History Museum of Armenia will host an international conference entitled “The Source Study Value of the Coin,” dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the issue of the national currency of the Republic of Armenia, the dram.

In order to make a presentation at the conference, it is necessary to register before May 10 of this year and send the title of the presentation and a brief summary in Armenian, Russian, English (300-500 words).

Submit reports via the following link:

The reporting topics may refer to commodity money, coins and banknotes, which were used, circulated, struck and printed in Armenia and neighboring countries, the monetary economy of Armenia and neighboring countries, numismatic theoretical and methodological issues, cultural manifestations of the coin. Topics can cover the period from the pre-coin period to the present day.

Participants who are abroad can also participate in the conference online. The presented reports will be published in the form of articles in the 12th issue of the periodical “Proceedings of the History Museum of Armenia” after peer review.