Istanbul University Research Center for History and Archaeology of the Van Region (VANTAM)

Founded at the city of Van (Turkey) in 1967, Istanbul University’s
Research Center For History And Archaeology Of The Van Region (VANTAM)
now transforms to an interdisciplinary research hub.

The main objective of the Center is to conduct interdisciplinary
research that is centered around social, economic, natural, and
archaeological history of the wider region, which encompasses East
Anatolia, the Caucasus, and Iran. Subjecting the inter-regional
relationships among these regions for extensive research around social
and natural sciences along with the humanities constitutes the main
objective of the Center. Along these lines, the Center primarily
focuses on leading research in social sciences and humanities while
coordinating research among national and international researchers to
develop collaboration.

VANTAM provides research facilities for academicians that work in Van
region, East Anatolia, the Caucasus, and Iran. Consequently, the
Center aims to contribute to the development of national and
international dialogue centered around academic and scientific
research. The Center has long been developing and maintaining
infrastructure for scientific research under the auspices of Istanbul
University. The infrastructure at the Center is used to support
scientific research through social work and applied projects, which
will expose science and scientific research to a wider audience.

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