Job Opportunity: Editor, Central Asia and Caucasus Publication

The Kennan Institute seeks to hire an editor for its new publication focused on the Caucasus and Central Asia. The editor will work with the Kennan Institute’s Deputy Directory who will oversee the publication. The editor will also work with the Kennan Institute’s staff who manage the Kennan Institute’s other content-producing sites (The Russia File, Focus Ukraine, In Other Words, and the Kennan Cable) so that there is consistency across the sites. The editor will be expected to review all submissions (which are anticipated to be around 1000 words each); to make recommendations as to which submissions should be pursued; to work with the chosen contributors on shaping their arguments (as needed); and to work with the Kennan Institute’s English-speaking copyeditor on editing the pieces (as needed). Additionally, the editor will be expected to promote the publication to relevant institutions so that the publication’s information is consumed and new contributors are solicited. The Kennan Institute envisions publishing around 20-25 pieces per year, though this is subject to change, as it is not yet known what the flow of submissions will be. Knowledge of the regions, including regional languages, and prior editing experience are a plus.

Interested contractors should submit quotes and any supplemental materials on or before January 19, 2024.

For full details and application instructions, please view the posting on the website.

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