Re-Introducing Ani, 900-2021 Talks Series

A View from the Top – The Citadel of Ani and its Monuments

By Christina Maranci

Date July 8, 2021

Representations of Ani, Near & Far In Time & Place

By Heghnar Watenpaugh

Date July 15, 2021

Talks are delivered within the Armenian Institute in London in collaboration with the Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Turkey (KMKD), and a transnational network of scholars and organizations.

The city of Ani is perhaps the most famous archaeological site of the Armenian Middle Ages. Known in its heyday as ‘The City of 1001 Churches’, many structures have survived extant into the modern day, albeit in varying states of preservation.

The Armenian Institute dedicates its program to the series Re-Introducing Ani, 900-2021. Across the talks you’ll hear a new narrative of Ani’s rise and fall, the latest research on some of Ani’s architectural remains, representations of Ani near and far in time and place, and the site’s current archaeology and preservation.

Christina Maranci, Professor of Armenian Art and Architecture at Tufts University, has published several books including Art of Armenia: An Introduction (2018) and Medieval Armenian Architecture: Constructions of Race and Nation (2001) as well as many articles and chapters on Armenian and Byzantine art.

Heghnar Watenpaugh is Professor of Art and Architecture at the University of California, Davis. Her specialities include architecture and urbanism in the Middle East, museums and cultural heritage. A fellow of the John Guggenheim Foundation, her books include The Image of an Ottoman City: Architecture in Aleppo (date) and The Missing Pages: The Modern Life of a Medieval Manuscript, from Genocide to Justice (2019).

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