Research Grants in Armenian Studies

The National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR) is prepared to consider applications for grants for research within the field of Armenian Studies. As funds are very limited, the following conditions should be noted by prospective applicants:

1. Grants may be given for travel, cost of digitization or microfilm or other research materials and for similar expenses, for a period not exceeding one year. Excluded are stipends for living expenses in the applicant’s own institution or home and scholarships to colleges and universities.

2. Each applicant must state in full detail the purpose and scope of his research. Applicants must also indicate the exact sum of money required and whether other sources have been approached for financial support, giving the proposed itinerary in the case of an application for travel funds. In addition to a curriculum vitae, recommendations from at least two persons of academic standing familiar with the applicant’s previous work and proposed research are required.

3. A copy of any book, article, report or other work, the writing of which has been assisted by a grant, is to be deposited with NAASR. A final report and financial accounting is expected within 15 months of a grant. Support of NAASR should be acknowledged in any publication resulting from a research grant.

4. NAASR reserves the right of access to all microfilms, software, copies of documents, or other materials acquired with a NAASR grant.

Quarterly deadlines for submissions are March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15.

For more information, please visit  NAASR web-site.