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Measuring the Informal Economy in the Caucasus and Central Asia
Yasser Abdih and Leandro Medina
IMF Working Paper WP/13/137, May 2013

Beyond geopolitics: exploring the impact of the EU and Russia in the “contested neighborhood”
Ester Adammer, Laure Delcour and Kataryna Wolczuk
Eurasian Geography and Economics (57)1, 2016

Oil, Democracy, and Context: A Meta-Analysis 
Anar Ahmadov
Comparative Political Studies, July 19, 2013

Assessing the European Union’s Assistance to Civil Society in Its Eastern Neighbourhood: Lessons from the South Caucasus
Huseyn Aliyev
Journal of Contemporary European Studies, June 26, 2015

Islamism vs Post-Islamism
Fuad Aliyev
Just Peace Diplomacy Journal, summer 2015

The Soviet Legacy 22 Years On: Reversed or Reinforced?
Leila Alieva (editor)
CNIS, Qanun, 2013

Husein Javid and the Writers Union of Azerbaijan
Audrey L. Altstadt
Journal of Language and Literature 2014; 5(1), 13-16

Financial Liberalization and Institutional Development
Markus Alzer and Ramin Dadashov
Economics & Politics, June 2013

Fiscal sustainability and the State Oil Fund in Azerbaijan
Kenan Aslanli
Journal of Euroasian Studies, April 2015

Identity and Politics in Central Asia and the Caucasus
Mohammed Ayoob & Murad Ismayilov
London:Routledge, 2015

Export Diversification and the S-curve Effect in a Resource-rich State: Evidence from Azerbaijan
Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee and Rustam Jamilov
Economic Change and Restructuring, July 2013

Caucasian National Formations of the Red Army during the Defense of the Caucasus in 1942
Aleksei Bezugol’nyi
The Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies, Issue 10 (2009)

The Muslim Uprising in Adjara and the Stalinist Revolution in the Periphery
Timothy Blauvelt and Giorgi Khatiashvili
Nationalities Papers: The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity, 2016

Resistance and Accommodation in the Stalinist Periphery: A Peasant Uprising in Abkhazia
Timothy Blauvelt
Academia Edu, March 2012

Azerbaijanis in Russia : An ‘Imagined Diaspora’?
Adeline Braux
Migration and Social Upheaval as the Face of Globalization in Central Asia. Leiden: Brill, 2013. Marlene Laruelle (eds).

Georgia’s Fifth Column Stirs
Michael Cecire
The American Interest, May 19, 2014

Religiosity and Trust in Religious Institutions: Tales from the South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia)
Robia Charles
UC Berkeley: Berkeley Program in Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies (Summer 2009)

Dress Codes for Men in Turkey and Iran
Houchang Chehabi
In Touraj Atabaki and Erik Zürcher, eds., Men of Order: Authoritarian Modernization under Atatürk and Reza Shah (London: I.B. Tauris, 2004)

Oil Exporters’ Dilemma: How Much to Save and How Much to Invest
Reda Cherif and Fuad Hasanov
World Development, vol. 52, Dec 2013, pp. 120–131

Negotiating Imperial Spaces: Gender, Sexuality, and Violence in the Nineteenth-century Caucasus
Kristin L. Collins-Breyfogle
PhD Dissertation, Ohio State University, History (2011)

Reconfiguring a Public Place. Baku Promenade between Europe and Asia
Tsypylma Darieva
Comparative Studies on Regional Powers Series, No 13, Sapporo: Hokkaido University Press, 2013, pp. 117-132

Urban Spaces after Socialism. Ethnographies of Public Places in Eurasian Cities
Tsypylma Darieva, Wolfgang Kaschuba and Melanie Krebs, eds.
Frankfurt/Main: Campus Verlag (2011)

Islamic Social Activism, Globalization and Social Change: A Case Study of Hajji İlgar İbragimoğlu and the Cüma Ehli in Baku, Azerbaijan
Bruno De Cordier
Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, pp.134-151

Cultures of Statehood, Cultures of Revolution: Caucasian Revolutionaries in the Iranian Constitutional Movement, 1906-1911
Moritz Deutschmann
Ab Imperio, 2/2013, pp. 165-190

The Stalin Puzzle: Deciphering Post-Soviet Public Opinion
Thomas de Waal, Lipman Maria, Gudkov Lev, Bakradze Lasha
Carnegue Endowment for International Peace, Report, March 1, 2013

Language and identity in a post-Soviet world: Language of education and linguistic identity among Azerbaijani students
Lisa Donohoe Luscombe & Vafa Kazdal
Nationalities Papers: The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity

Conflicts in music in the South Caucasus: The case of Armenians and Azerbaijanis
Brigitta Davidjants and Jaan Ross

The Georgian State and Minority Relations
Metreveli Ekaterine
No. 64: Interethnic Relations in Georgia, 2014

Democracy’s Plight in the European Neighbourhood: Struggling Transitions and Proliferating Dynasties
Michael Emerson and Richard Youngs (Editors)
Centre for European Policy Studies (30 October, 2009)

The State as Investment Market: A Framework for Interpreting the Post-Soviet State in Eurasia
Johan Engvall
Governance, Dec 2013

Politics of Romanisation in Azerbaijan (1921–1992)
Ayça Ergun
Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland (Third Series) (2010), 20 : 33-48 Cambridge University Press

In Search of Lost Genocide: Historical Policy and International Politics in Post-1989 Eastern Europe
Evgeny Finkel
Global Society, Volume 24, Issue 1, January 2010, pages 51 – 70

The Role of Azerbaijani Turkish in Safavid Iran
Willem Floor and Hasan Javadi
Iranian Studies, vol. 46, no. 4, 2013, pp. 569-581

 The Natural Resource Curse: A Survey
Jeffrey Frankel

Transnational Life in Multicultural Space: Azerbaijani and Tatar Discourses in Interwar Europe
Zaur Gasimov and Wiebke Bachmann
Published in: Muslims in Interwar Europe: A Transcultural Historical Perspectiveor of Capital Formation and Growth (February 2010), edited by Bekim Agai, Umar Ryad, and Mehdi Sajid

Becoming Azerbaijani Through Language: On the Impact of Cəlil Məmmədquluzadə’s Anamın Kitabı
Zaur Gasimov
Published in: “Novel and Nation in the Muslim World. Literary Contributions and National Identities” edited by Elisabeth Özdalga, Daniella Kuzmanovic
Palgrave Macmillan 2015

The Caucasus
Zaur Gasimov
European History Online, (Nov 17, 2011)

Rethinking Interethnic Marriage in the Soviet Union
Dmitry Gorenburg
Post Soviet Affairs 22:2 (2006): pp. 145-165

The Death of Caucasus Philology: Towards a Discipline Beyond Areal Divides
Rebecca Gould
Iran and the Caucasus 17.3 (2013): 275-293

Investment (FDI) Policy for Azerbaijan Final report
Jutta Günther and Björn Jindra
Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung Halle, Internet publications, (13.05.2009)

Two Decades of Post-Soviet Regime Dynamics
Henry E. Hale
Demokratizatsiya, Vol. 20, No. 2, 2012

Khrushchev’s Thaw and National Identity in Soviet Azerbaijan, 1954-1959
Jamil Hasanli
Lexington Books, Dec 19, 2014

Export Pipelines from the CIS Region: Geopolitics, Securitization, and Political Decision-Making 
Andreas Heinrich and Heiko Pleines
Ibidem Press, 1 Mar 2014

Mixing geopolitics and business: How ruling elites in the Caspian states justify their choice of export pipelines
Andreas Heinrich & Heiko Pleines
Journal of Eurasian Studies, April 2015

Music of Azerbaijan: From Mugham to Opera
Aida Huseynova
Indiana University Press 2016

Nation Building and Identity in the Post-Soviet Space: New Tools and Approaches
Rico Isaacs and Abel Polese
Ashgate 2016

Spousal Violence in 5 Transitional Countries: A Population-Based Multilevel Analysis of Individual and Contextual Factors
Leyla Ismayilova
American Journal of Public Health, 2015

The Study of Georgian Youth`s Awareness, Perceptions and Attitudes of Gender Equality
Elene Japaridze, Maia Barkaia, Nino Zhgenti, Mariam Amashukeli
Center for Social Sciences, 2014

Culture and Politics in Soviet Turkic Republics: Canon-Building and Nation Building under Stalin
Isabelle Kaplan
Georgetown University

Georgia’s Foreign Policy Impasse: Is Consensus Crumbling?
George Khelashvili
PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo No. 187, 2011

Georgian Perceptions of the North Caucasus and of U.S.-Russian Relations
George Khelashvili
PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo No. 148, 2011

The EU’s Association Agreement with Georgia: Assessing the Domestic Political and Economic Implications
Tamar Khuntsaria, Tbilisi State University
The Vilnius Moment, PONARS Eurasia Policy Perspectives, March 2014

From cosmopolitan Baku to tolerant Azerbaijan – Branding “The Land of Fire”
Melanie Krebs

The Quest for Good Governance: Georgia’s Break with the Past
Alexander Kupatadze
Journal of Democracy, January 2016

Regime Stability in Azerbaijan
Isabelle Langerak
Turkish Policy Quarterly, winter 2014

Good Governance in the Post-Soviet South: Testing Theories of the Resource Curse in Azerbaijan
Dayne Lukas Shaw
Journal of Politics & International Studies, Vol. 9, Summer 2013

Resources as Constraints? Natural Resource Wealth and the Possibility of Developmental States in the Former Soviet Union
Pauline Jones Luong
Oxford Handbook of Transformations of the State, October 2014

Two Years of the Dream Georgian Foreign Policy During the Transition
Neil S. MacFarlane
Chatham House, Center for Social Sciences, May 2015

Georgia: National Security Concept versus National Security
Neil S. MacFarlane
Chatham House, Center for Social Sciences, August 2012

Migration Rhetoric in Political Party Programs: Comparative Review of Case-Studies of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine
Shushanik Makaryan
CARIM-East Research Report 2013/28

Turks Across Empires: Marketing Muslim Identity in the Russian-Ottoman Borderlands
James Meyer
Oxford University Press, 2014

The Mystery of Missing Female Children in the Caucasus: An Analysis of Sex Ratios by Birth Order
Marc Michael, Lawrence King, Liang Guo, Martin McKee, Erica Richardson and David Stuckler
International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, June 2013, 39(2): 97-102

Juggling Security, Democracy and Development in the Caucasus: What Role for the EU?
Nona Mikhelidze
Istituto Affari Internazionali, Working paper 13/22, July 2013 

Islam and Germany’s War in the Soviet Borderlands, 1941–5
David Motadel
Journal of Contemporary History, October 2013 vol. 48 no. 4, 784-820

War, language removal and self-identification in the linguistic landscapes of Nagorno-Karabakh
Sebastian Muth
Nationalities Papers 42: 1 (2014): 63-87

The Long Goodbye: Waning Russian Influence in the South Caucasus and Central Asia
James Nixey
Chatham House (June 2012)

Mixed Marriages in Georgia: Trends and Implications
Milena Oganesayn
No. 64: Interethnic Relations in Georgia, 2014

The South Caucasus beyond Borders, Boundaries and Division Lines
Conflicts, Cooperation and Development

Mikko Palonkorpi, 2015

Eurasia Versus Central Caucaso-Asia: On the Geopolitics of Central Caucaso-Asia
Vladimer Papava
Cicero Foundation Great Debate Paper No, 09/8 (December 2009)

Is There Any Unity to the Trans-Caspian Region? The Economic Relations Between Central Asia and the Caucasus
Sébastien Peyrouse
Asia Europe Journal, Volume 7, Numbers 3-4 / December, 2009, pages 543-557

The International-Domestic Nexus in Anti-corruption Policy Making: The Case of Caspian Oil and Gas States
Heiko Pleines & Ronja Wöstheinrich
Europe-Asia Studies, 68/2, 2016

The Irano-Russian Wars’ Ethno-Demographic Consequences in the South Caucasus
Babak Rezvani

Ethno-Territorial Conflict and Coexistence in the Caucasus, Central Asia and Fereydan
Babak Rezvani, Dissertation, University of Amsterdam, 2013

A Community in Turmoil: The Iranians of the Caucasus and the Russian Revolutions (1900-1920)
Solmaz Rustamova-Tohidi
Khazar Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 5-22.

Oil and Health Care in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan
Sara Rzayeva
Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
European Journal of Sociology, vol. 54 / no. 01, April 2013, pp. 33-63.

Students as Initiators of Bribes: Specifics of Corruption in Azerbaijani Higher Education
Turkhan Sadigov
Problems of Post-Communism, vol. 61, no. 5, 2014

Employment Pattern Pressure for Pragmatic Change in Universities: Azerbaijan Case Study
Ruslan Sadirkhanov
Higher Education in Europe, Volume 34, Issue 3 & 4, October 2009, pages 431 – 444

City as a geopolitics: Tbilisi, Georgia — A globalizing metropolis in a turbulent region
Joseph Salukvadze, Oleg Golubchikov
Cities,  Volume 52, March 2016, Pages 39–54

Azerbaijani-Georgian Relations: The Foundations and Challenges of the Strategic Alliance
Zaur Shiriyev and Kornely Kakachia
SAM Review, vol. 7-8, July 2013

An Alliance Built on Understanding:The Geopolitics of Georgian-Azerbaijani relations
Zaur Shiriyev

Region-building in the eastern neighbourhood: Assessing EU regional policies in the South Caucasus
Licínia Simão
East European Politics, vol. 29, no. 3, 2013, pp. 273-288
Special Issue: The European Neighbourhood Policy in the Eastern Region: The Practices Perspective

Ethnicity, Islam and the Construction of Identity in Azerbaijan
David S. Siroky & Ceyhun Mahmudlu
Problems of Post-Communism

The Archaeology and Geography of Ancient Transcaucasian Societies, Volume 1.
The Foundations of Research and Regional Survey in the Tsaghkahovit Plain, Armenia
Adam T. Smith, Ruben S. Badalyan, Pavel Avetisyan; With contributions by Alan Greene and Leah Minc.

Outcomes and strategies in the ‘New Great Game’: China and the Caspian states emerge as winners
Karen Smith Stegen and Julia Kusznir
Journal of Eurasian Studies, April 2015

The Emerging Patterns of Azerbaijan’s International Energy Policy: Continuities and Changes
Elnur Soltanov
Caucasus International, Vol.2, N0.2, Summer 2012

Challenges of Minority Governance and Political Participation in Georgia
Giorgi Sordia
No. 64: Interethnic Relations in Georgia, 2014

The Rise of Militant Salafism in Azerbaijan and Its Regional Implications
Emil Souleimanov, Maya Ehrmann
Middle East Policy, Fall 2013, vol.20, no.3

The Pawn of Great Powers: The East-West Competition for Caucasia
Ronald Grigor Suny
Journal of Eurasian Studies 1 (2010): 10-25

Web-enriched Heritage in the Pipelines Corridor: Contested Histories from the Caspian to the Mediterranean
Paul Michael Taylor and Jared M. Koller
Museums and the Web 2012

Archaeological Excavations on the BTC Pipeline, Azerbaijan
Paul Michael Taylor and David Maynard
Internet Archaeology, Issue 29 (2011)

The Challenges of a Postcolonial Nation: The Azerbaijani Democratic Republic (1918–1920)
Daniel Pommier Vincelli
(in “Empires and Nations from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century” ed. by Antonello Biagini, Giovanna Motta)
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Aug 11, 2014

Changing Identities: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia. Collection of Selected Works
Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus Regional Scholarship Programme for Young Social Scientists in the South Caucasus

Guidebook for journalists: Use open data
Transparency International Georgia, July 2014

History Lessons of the 20th Century: “Our Neighnours” and “Us” (Turkey and the South Caucasus)
Heinrich Boell Stiftung South Caucasus (2011)

South Caucasus — 20 Years of Independence
Edited Volume (Russian text)
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (2011), ISBN 978-9941-0-3793-1

Turpanjian Center for Policy Analysis 

USC Armenian Studies Podcast Series