Student’s XII International Conference

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Humanitarian and cultural-educational Project “For Relationships and Conflicts Adjustments“ will be hold Student’s XII International Conference on June 16-17, 2023.  The aim of the conference is to support the Cooperation  of students of different universities, share knowledge and experience.

The conference will be multi-profile, for the different specialty students.

Working languages ​​are: Georgian, English and Russian.
The conference will have the following sections:

1. Humanitarian (Philology, Philosophy, Art, Culturology, History, Europeanism, American Studies)

2. Social Sciences (Journalism, Conflictology, Psychology, Political science)

3. Exact and Natural Sciences

4. Law

5.Economics and business

6. Medicine and others

Those who wish to participate in the conference, please submit your proposals in word format (application and theses not more than 250 words) or materials/manuscript (not more than 1,500 words). Closing date for applicaitons to the email address:

Deadline for application: 15 May 2023                      

For more information, please visit: