Support Students in the South Caucasus!

The American Research Institute of the South Caucasus (ARISC) needs your support to fund the research projects of Armenian, Azerbaijani, and Georgian students in the South Caucasus!

With your support ARISC can offer small research grants of up to $300 to South Caucasus students! As a part of the program, ARISC will also provide tips and training on grant writing — skills students can use to write proposals to support their research in the future. This new opportunity builds from our successful member-driven methodological workshop series, which has helped to lay the foundation for successful humanities and social science research projects.

But WE NEED YOUR HELP to raise enough funds to offer these grants and grant writing training! Our goal is to raise $4,000 through this campaign, which will enable us to support the research of 10 students.

Why donate?

  • Support new research that would otherwise not happen
  • Funding opportunities for Armenian, Azerbaijani, and Georgian students to conduct original, innovative research in these countries are extremely limited
  • Having an ARISC grant on a student’s CV will increase the likelihood that their future projects will be funded
  • ARISC has a decade-long track record of running grant competitions and awarding funding to promising research
  • ARISC programs have been supporting work in and about the South Caucasus for over 10 years
  • Applications will be reviewed by scholars familiar with the region

Please support these promising students by making a donation! You may make a donation to support the next generation of scholars throughout the South Caucasus or to support a scholar within one of the countries.

Click the button below to donate by credit card. Or support us by mailing a check made out to “ARISC” and sending it to

ARISC/Dept. of Anthropology
Purdue University
700 Mitch Daniels Blvd., Suite 219
West Lafayette, IN 47907

ARISC is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization incorporated in the state of Illinois and has been accorded tax-exempt status by the United States Internal Revenue Service.