Title VIII National Research Competition

Deadline: December 31st, 2017

National Council for Eurasian and East European Research (NCEEER) invites proposals for its National Research Competition. This competition provides funds for both collaborative and individual research projects in the humanities and social sciences in or on any country of Eurasia or East-Central Europe. The primary scholar on either a collaborative or individual project must be a US citizen and hold a PhD degree. In addition, applicants must have completed any previous NCEEER grants received before they may apply for a new grant.

Research Contracts support collaborative projects involving multiple post-doctoral scholars, or individuals with comparable research skills who do not hold PhDs, including at least one US-citizen scholar or researcher with a maximum award of $40,000.Research Grants support research projects conducted by individual US citizens, with a maximum award of $20,000. Contracts provide funding to scholars or researchers via institutional awards, while Grants are awarded directly to the scholar or researcher. Accordingly, Contracts and Grants involve different application forms and guidelines, which can be found in the Apply section of this website.